"Passionate, motivating, energetic.

She will give you a presentation that you will always remember."


Beth Bowen

Executive Director,


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Madeline delivers a unique experience for each audience she works with. Specific industry research and event themes are weaved into each presentation in order to create a keynote that is personalized specifically for your organization.


Being a girl who has jumped off bridges, traveled around the world and survived many tragedies, Madeline knows how to tell vivid, riveting stories, while also connecting with the hearts of the audience on a very personal level.


Madeline uses interactive exercises, stunning visuals and one-on-one audience engagement to make a lasting impact with her audience. She keeps the audience eager to learn more throughout the entire presentation.

actionable takeaways

Motivation can inspire you to think big, but only action is what can make those big dreams a reality. Through her presentation, Madeline gives her audience the push to begin implementing action now, along with tools and strategies that encourage sustained follow-through.

"After having Madeline speak at our conference, we were afraid to have anyone else speak the next year because we knew that no one could possibly match her presentation."


Chris Townsend

Owner of Palm Coast

Health Care Services

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Madeline's signature keynote, BOUNDLESS, addresses the audience with one simple question: How could your life change if you became a fear-chaser? Madeline shares her story of transforming her life from being a girl who lived in fear to one who climbed mountains, jumped off of bridges for fun and who decided that her disability should no longer be an excuse to live a disabled life.


We all have life disabilities, bounds, that we make excuses for. It's time to take personal responsibility, overcome the challenges that are holding us back and pursue our inner passion and purpose. Through this keynote, the audience will learn how to be brutally honest with themselves about where they are making excuses in their lives and how to transform their fear into motivation in order to to accomplish great things. We have the potential to be unstoppable, but we have to first summon the courage to move out of our comfort zone. Madeline will push your audience to take that first step and give them tools to go all the way to a boundless life.



Sometimes in life, it pays to be bold. With people fighting every day to grab attention in the social whirlwind that is around us, it can be difficult to stand out without being creative and knowing how to brand yourself in a unique and vibrant way. Madeline explores her journey of going from an introvert who hated the idea of social media and branding, to becoming an adventurous entrepreneur who uses those tools as the basis of her career. 

In this keynote, your audience will gain useful strategies to build their personal and business brands, create engaging content and grow a successful social media presence. A brand is about proudly showing off our one-of-a-kind footprint in the world, and Madeline will teach you how to build a personal marketing strategy that highlights the best of what you have to offer in a way that makes you feel strong and confident - in a way that is so powerful, so commanding, that it and everyone who views your work is simply speechless.



As women, we are constantly inundated with images of unrealistic standards of beauty. It is no wonder that 4 out of 5 women struggle with low self-esteem and body image concerns. Madeline shares her story of battling severe insecurity regarding her own body after facing a life-altering injury. She then discusses what took her from feeling like she could never be beautiful, to being the first girl in a wheelchair to compete in a Miss USA state pageant.

We all have the power to be confident in our unique beauty and show it off proudly. Through this keynote, the audience will learn strategies to build self-esteem and ways to not only feel, but be beautiful from the inside out. Madeline will show listeners how empowering it is to no longer let others dictate how you see yourself and will encourage each woman to walk (or roll) into a room feeling flawless.



Clueless - that is how most people feel when dealing with someone who is different from them, especially someone with a disability. While this can create uncomfortable and sometimes offensive interactions in everyday life, it can be catastrophic if mishandled when dealing with a customer or employee in a business setting. Through this keynote, Madeline dives into the intricacies of sensitivity training when working with people with disabilities in a presentation that is full of videos, audience engagement and stories - specifically one of when Madeline herself got turned down from a job because of using a wheelchair.

During her speech, the audience will learn specific strategies of how to respectfully work with someone who is different than them, create a more inclusive workplace and business environment, and build a culture of mutual understanding and equality. Madeline reminds her audience that while we may all be different, our hearts have the same desire to be loved and accepted by others.



There is no way around it - having a disability is hard. Not only do you struggle with physical limitations, but dealing with people that treat you differently and being shut off from parts of society can make you feel extremely trapped. We must find a strength inside ourselves that is stronger than the outside circumstances. There is a beautiful life out there to live and we still deserve to enjoy every bit of it!

In this keynote, Madeline gets on a very personal level with disability audiences and shares specific stories of how she has learned to overcome her own challenges on a physical, emotion and mental level - and how they can do the same. During the presentation, listeners will learn about specific resources that can help support them on their journey to overcoming, strategies for mental strength, communication and success, and ways to find purpose through the pain. The only limits that we have are the ones that we put on ourselves. Madeline wants to show others in similar situations as her, how they can free themselves of self-imposed limitations and truly become limitless.



From the intensive care unit to the local DME supplier, those providing medical services, care and equipment all comprise a life-changing force in the lives of millions each year. While medical treatment and expertise are crucial to success, the humanizing care of empathy, empowerment and positive reinforcement are essential factors to shift your healthcare culture from one that promotes a BandAid mentality to one that fosters meaningful patient relationships and lasting health. 

During this keynote, Madeline delivers powerful stories regarding her healthcare journey from the age of ten years old to an adult and relates the actions of different healthcare professionals to her various forms of success or failure. As she takes the audience down a vivid journey, she reminds each listener that their actions and attitudes truly matter and makes them realize the effect that they can have in the lives of each patient. Members of the audience will learn effective strategies to communicate with patients dealing with traumatic injuries and/or diagnoses, reminders of big picture thinking and creative tactics to enhance patient care that will create deeper relationships and increase patient retention.While the bottom line is the focus for many healthcare companies trying to survive, at the end of the day, the relationships and trust build with the patients is truly priceless.

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